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Company Profile: In 2001, Union of Technology & Products Company Ltd., the predecessor of Utech Việt Nam, was established with an aim to providing accessories and tools for the young automobile assembling industry in Việt Nam. Over ten years of development, Utech Việt Nam has become a...

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Atlas Copco product presentation LSV 39 Vane Grinder

With the aim of impoving product quanlity as well as customer's productivity, Atlas Copco has lauched LSV39, new version of LSV38, which has greater capacity and performance, meeting all customers' requirements

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Controller PF6000

Atlas Copco introduces the PowerFocus 6000

In 2016, Atlas Copco brings into market an Electric Nutrunner which is more preeminent and and completely different from previous models, that is PF6000

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AtlasCopco product

Atlas Copco seminar "Smart tools - error proofing in assembly"

With the purpose of providing customer more information on our tools and giving them best sollution to improve quality of their products, Atlas Copco with Utech Vietnam company to hold a seminar named :“Smart tools – error proofing in assembly”.

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Design Change on Pistol STB Models - Atlas copco

Design Change on Pistol STB Models - Atlas copco

More egrononic design on new ETP STB-33 and ETP SB-33 models - Atlas copco

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