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Atlas Copco introduces the PowerFocus 6000

Posted at: SATurday - 17/12/2016 22:26 - post name: admin
Controller PF6000

Controller PF6000

In 2016, Atlas Copco brings into market an Electric Nutrunner which is more preeminent and and completely different from previous models, that is PF6000
Is this the new PF6000 tied to productivity, usability, quality and environmental impact as a completely new level.
By designing and manufacturing a multi-tool controller (Able to connect, operation control of 6 tightening points in same time), It’s not only gives you a sense of ownership system, with simple installation, without using software support (just only use a Web browser HMI), using less hardware connection, but also effective in saving power, space & time for each working stage. Accompany the use of only a smart memory (IAM), the entire software, data strangle, configure ... all of them within one IAM mobile module, easy to install, fast backup, reliable operation and safe when upgrading or switching between software versions.

For joints and the operation of equipment, two new features of the product are the Turbo Tight and True Angle really make an impression on the user to manage tightening angle. With Tight Turbo, there are no longer concerned about the limitations of the screwdriver is slow rotational speed and the power returns. And True Angle tightening angle calculation is more accurate signal by using gyroscopes to read the motion value. The precise angle reading increases the ability to detect error of tightening and error of leak details in each junction.
Accompanying Controller PF6000 is tightening tools (tensor) STR - using 2 trigger press, what is the leading precision on the market, based on the innovative design of the sensor, higher accuracy ever up to 2.5%, better cooling, faster speed using new engines new Tensor. In addition, there are many other cutting-edge technologies in the product integration, PF6000 - STR as accessory features dual touch screen, IP54 standard for dustproof, waterproof ... made a perfect product for all requirements and standards of the tightening for all assembly plants around the world. "

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