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Atlas Copco product presentation LSV 39 Vane Grinder

Posted at: WEDnesday - 22/02/2017 09:16 - post name: admin


With the aim of impoving product quanlity as well as customer's productivity, Atlas Copco has lauched LSV39, new version of LSV38, which has greater capacity and performance, meeting all customers' requirements
Atlas Copco is focusing the market trend and moving towards the future look like?
Statistics show that up to 81% of the grinding machine sales today is kind of angle grinders. Thus Atlas Copco should realize this trend is focusing primarily on line LSV. Future product line and the company is aiming higher development as LSF. Customers are now demanding higher surface roughness and hence productivity features of the LSV 39 product lines meet the needs of customers. From that bring customer value is increased.

About LSV39 design with remarkable improvements as: 

Technical characteristics, model LSV39  upgraded capacity up to 1.8 kW. This power level is higher 20% more productive than the old LSV38 and 50% higher power than most other competitor tools in this range. The efficiency of the air motor ensures consistent performance, even when the grinder is connected to a long hose. With 1.8 kW output at 3 meter hose length, you still get good output with a much longer hose. Improved life-time of the angle gear to an amazing 2500h service life. Since then customers can shorten the working time which brings higher productivity. According to Atlas Copco, all version of LSV 39 sanders can be equipped with accessories for efficient extraction of sanding dust. This is the perfect solution for sanding operationsin e.g glass fiber re-inforced plastic and similar materials.

Some pictures of the LSV 39:

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