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Atlas Copco seminar "Smart tools - error proofing in assembly"

Posted at: WEDnesday - 19/10/2016 08:39 - post name: khach
AtlasCopco product

AtlasCopco product

With the purpose of providing customer more information on our tools and giving them best sollution to improve quality of their products, Atlas Copco with Utech Vietnam company to hold a seminar named :“Smart tools – error proofing in assembly”.
On October 6th, 2016, at the MELIA Hanoi hotel, a seminar namely "Smart tools - error proofing in assembly" has been jointly held by Atlas Copco and Utech Vietnam company. The seminar which focused on the use of Atlas Copco products in auxiliary industries  for industrial assembly witnessed the attendance of representatives of various companies active in the field of assembling cars, motorcycles, electric-electronics in Vietnam such as Honda, Toyota, Yamaha, Piaggio, Samsung, LG ...
Atlas Copco products are classified into 5 groups, ranging from the basic to the most advanced technologies. In other words, from basic tightening products to management solution of the entire process of tightening that is expecting to  completely eliminate  possible errors occurring during the assembly process while improving safety in production. The latest product line introduced at the seminar is Controller PF6000 and Tensor STR. Product maintenance issues, equipments for maintenance and QA STa wrench ST are also touched upon.
At the seminar, clients have opportunity to experience, by themselves, products, sharing  assembly process experience with  specialists from Atlas Copco . Speaking at the seminar, Mr Calum - in charge of Southeast Asian clientele expressed his high appreciation toward Atlas Copco customers and reiterated the slogan "First in mind, first in choice" as a commitment that   Atlas Copco manufacture  always keeps in mind and in action.

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