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Company Profile: In 2001, Union of Technology & Products Company Ltd., the predecessor of Utech Việt Nam, was established with an aim to providing accessories and tools for the young automobile assembling industry in Việt Nam. Over ten years of development, Utech Việt Nam has become a...

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Introduction of Endo product

Posted at: THUrsday - 26/07/2012 11:02 - post name: khach
Spring Balancer - Endo

Spring Balancer - Endo

Today, the use of lifting equipments has becoming a common practice use in all industry fields such as manufacturing, assembly, construction, food processing… and helps improve significantly the labor productivity as well as the accuracy and efficiency in work. In addition, lifting equipments can free us from using manpower and thus, reduce the risk of accident for workers, improve safety and save extra costs for possible risks. Using the lifting equipments is definitely the trend of today modernized and humanized industry.
Utech Viet Nam Company has pleasure to introduce a range of Endo lifting equipments - a well known brand name in Japan. With various high-class and flexible designs, Endo products are suitable for all industries (please find further information in the file attached herewith).
Utech Viet Nam, in addition of providing these products, is able to bring consultation and tailor-made design service; repair, maintain or replace components to customer in need.

Please contact us to be served.

Authorized exclusive distributor of Endo Japan in Viet Nam market. http://www.endo-kogyo.co.jp/english/distri/index.html
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