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Marking Torque Screwdriver, MNTD models

Posted at: MONday - 28/09/2015 09:34 - post name: khach
Marking Torque Screwdriver, MNTD models

Marking Torque Screwdriver, MNTD models

Tohnichi Marking Torque Screwdriver, MNTD series are added on our Tohnichi Tightening Assurance system.
 MNTD with a specialized bit and ballpoint pen type marker provides individual stamping on screws. A tightened screw is marked on its surface when tightening process is completed, and the efficient visual inspection is performed.

 - Approximately 1000 shot by A Pen type Marker, Red and Blue available
 - Preset type Torque Screwdriver, 20 to 500cN.m or the equivalent value
 - Target torque can be set by Torque Driver Tester, TDT600CN3-G
 - MNTD120CN and 260CN with Resign Grip

Order receipt is available from now and starts to release on 1st Oct.
We hope this information will be useful to the work plan of the customer.
For more informationplease contact us at the following address

Utech Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Author: Utech Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Source: Tohnichi MFG. Co., Ltd
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